Plan Your Vacation

Need help planning your next vacation?

We understand how much work goes into organizing a trip, whether it be a couples retreat or family vacation with the kids. The details and time-commitment can be overwhelming. To help you save time and upgrade your travel, Fifi + Hop is proud to partner with Elli Travel Group as our luxury travel partner.

Based in Westchester County, NY, with a global outreach extending from California to London, Boston to Vietnam, Elli Travel Group assists couples and families with all types of leisure travel, from wellness to active to romance. With over 6 years of experience fostering relationships with top hotels and tour operators, Elli Travel has the connections to turn your luxury vacation wishes into reality. Through its affiliation with the luxury travel network, Virtuoso, and its Exclusive Amenities program, Elli Travel can upgrade your trip and add special amenities to over 1400 hotels worldwide.

The best part about Elli Travel is – it’s free! Unlike some other agencies out there, there are no planning or consulting fees…so start your planning now and contact me for an introduction. I will connect you with a travel advisor as soon as I hear from you.