FREE GIVEAWAY! And now Available on I Tunes and Google Play: Charleston, Nashville and Santa Barbara Walking Guides

FREE GIVEAWAY! And available on I Tunes and Google Play..

Charleston, SC, Nashville, TN and Santa Barbara, CA Walking Guides

I’m thrilled to announce another FREE giveaway of my article on Charleston, SC as a guided walking app! What does that mean?…some of you might be wondering. Once again, I’ve teamed up with GPSMyCity, a travel-publishing site, that takes travel articles and embeds the GPS coordinates of the destinations in the article, so that it becomes your own personalized walking tour. Instead of having a guide book, you can just look at the app on your phone! The best part is it doesn’t require internet access, and it’s free! Also available on I Tunes and Google Play now are my guides on Nashville and Santa Barbara. View Post