Chelsea Piers + Antiquing

I took my daughter to a birthday party at Chelsea Piers Connecticut in Stamford yesterday. It was my first time going, but have heard so much about it – basically its pure awesomeness, with every sport under the sun, multiple ice-skating rinks, gymnasiums, pools, a waterslide park, etc. The 400,000-square-foot sports complex is quite impressive. I even got to say a quick hello to my brother, who happened to be playing in a squash tournament there at the same time. As I walked my daughter and her friends to one of the various party rooms, we admired the big gymnasiums through the glass windows, outfitted with all their adventurous tricks from head to toe, rock climbing walls, a dodge ball room – the list goes on – and the girls were giggling out loud with giddiness. They couldn’t wait to get to the party. And as much as I could have spent the afternoon there (if I was a member), it was a drop-off party and I couldn’t wait to go antiquing. View Post