Mohawk Mountain: Connecticut Charmer for Beginners

Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall, CT, in the beautifully picturesque county of Litchfield, is where we recently went for a skiing day trip. For those who are familiar with my posts on skiing, I have been writing about mountains in the New York City area, smaller mountains that are a good choice for families with beginner or young skiers. Mohawk is definitely one of the smaller mountains, of these small mountains, so be forewarned – but for what it may lack in size it certainly makes up in other areas, such as the facilities, kids’ programs and exceptional staff. It’s been a family owned business since 1947, and is very well- kept and well-run. In fact I wish we had checked it out sooner, for it’s in a lot of ways the perfect mountain to start off your little ones skiing for the first time.
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