Fifi + Hop is Pleased to Announce its New Partnership with Elli Travel Group!

Fifi + Hop is Pleased to Announce its New Partnership with Elli Travel Group!

Dear readers…as I mentioned in my last post, new changes and fun things are happening with Fifi + Hop. One of them, of which I’m thrilled to announce, is a new partnership between Fifi + Hop and Elli Travel Group.

Elli Travel is a group of luxury travel advisors based in Westchester County, NY. Their outreach extends globally, from California to London, and Boston to Vietnam.

If you find travel planning to be overwhelming and too time consuming, Elli Travel Group takes the headache out of the planning process and let’s you prepare for and enjoy a vacation peacefully and stress-free– as it should be!

Elli Travel Group assists couples and families with all types of leisure travel, from wellness to active to romance. In business since 2013, with over 6 years of network building, Elli Travel has fostered relationships with top hotels and tour operators. Through its affiliation with the luxury travel network, Virtuoso, and its Exclusive Amenities program, Elli Travel can upgrade clients’ trips and add special amenities to over 1400 hotels worldwide.

The best part about Elli Travel is – it’s free! Unlike some other agencies out there, there are no planning or consulting fees. I love this about Elli Travel; working with them is a no-brainer. This is one of the reasons why I am so excited to be partnering with them – to be partnering with a company so dedicated to and passionate about travel.

So how does this work with Fifi + Hop and Elli Travel Group? Contact me here (or you can also check out our new section on Elli Travel Group on Fifi + Hop’s website here), and ask me for an introduction. I will connect you with a travel advisor as soon as I hear from you. It’s easy, free, and will take the stress out of planning.

So start your vacation dreaming now and contact me when you are ready!



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