Faraway Files #64

Faraway Files #64


Welcome to Faraway Files #64. Can you believe we’re into mid February already? If you’re like me and prefer the warmer months, we are almost there – hallelujah!

The lead image of this post, of the Olympics, was sent to me by my fellow Faraway Files co-host Erin from Oregon Girl Around the World, and I’m so glad she sent it because it is very apropos of our upcoming trip to Steamboat Springs, CO. Did you know that more Olympians hail from the western town of Steamboat Springs than any other town in North America?

Yes, it’s true. In fact, Steamboat has produced 89 – and counting – Olympians. In 2014 the ski town sent 14 athletes to the Olympics. According to their website, there is 1 Olympian per every 136 people! Athletes from all over come to train at Steamboat Springs and make it their home. It’s all in the snow, they say, which is called – and trademarked! – Champagne Powder. It has a 6% water content in comparison to the typical 15 %, and for that it’s a skier’s dream. We can’t wait to get out there!

Onto favorite posts from last week. Hilary from HilaryStyle has given me her favorites from Faraway Files #63, and here they are, with an Asian theme:

The Temples of Angkor: Ta Prohm by Dotted Lines Travel

A Mekong River Cruise with Scenic Spirit by The Travelling Lindfields

French Pigeonniers: Little Houses in the Sky by A French Collection

Swiss Hutte inn in the Berkshires

This week I’m linking up my post on the adorable Swiss Hutte inn in the Berkshires. Located at the base of Catamount ski mountain, this low-key, charming hotel with an excellent restaurant proved to be our new favorite ski get-away. It had everything we needed, it was easy, and most importantly it was affordable, unlike many ski lodges out there!


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