Westchester’s Only Planetarium: Hudson River Museum

Westchester’s Only Planetarium: Hudson River Museum

On a recent holiday break, we were home bound with lots of furniture deliveries for our relatively new house, so I decided to plan a few quick day trips. One of the places we went to was the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, NY. My main reason for wanting to go was that it contains the only planetarium in Westchester County. Good to know that we live a quick 30 minutes away! The planetarium shows are normally on Saturdays and Sundays, but during school breaks, they have shows during the week, making it easy for parents to entertain their kids on a Monday afternoon, which is when we went. Their “SOSI” (School’s Out, Stars Are In) program, as it is called, has a variety of planetarium shows, as well as creative activities.

We arrived at the museum around 2:00 p.m. and the show wasn’t until 3:30, but there was plenty to keep them occupied. I was hoping to spend some time in the Hudson River School painters section, but naturally the kids wanted to go downstairs, where there was a big room (actually, a few) full of interactive games and activities. We were with some friends, and the four kids whizzed around delighted by all that they could see and touch– and I was delighted as well, for each activity taught them a little something new about the Hudson River and local area.


Next we did an arts and crafts project in another part of the museum – a well-run space with lots of tables for kids to make their own ships and sailboats on the Hudson River. Using stencils, crayons and paints, they each created their own mini river and boat. The kids seemed to be proud of their masterpieces, and for us parents it was a nice way to break up the time, take a rest, all the while doing something creative and productive.

We finally made it to the planetarium, which is a state of the art room that my girls went nuts over (I think partially because they had never been in a planetarium before). But it is a good one none the less. The nice thing about it is that they have different shows for different ages, so the interest is never lost. When Big Bird in “One World, One Sky” lit up above us, the kids were lured in immediately, and before we knew it, the show was over (that’s how occupied they were). It definitely got their little minds thinking, and later that evening, dinner conversation consisted of the big dipper and the North star. Needless to say, mama was pleased. Examples of some of the other shows are “Moons: Worlds of Mysteries” and “We are Aliens!”, among many others. It is a really great planetarium for everyone, and all ages, and so close by.


Lastly, we made a visit to Glenview Mansion, a 19th century estate adjacent to the museum that used to be home to financier John Bond Trevor. After he and his family moved out in 1929, the museum acquired the striking summer estate. With beautifully restored interiors and stunning views of the Hudson River, it was the perfect way to end our visit. I happen to love interior design, no matter what the era, but I wasn’t sure how the kids would react. But they found it intriguing as well, and were especially drawn to a huge dollhouse inside which, they, including the boys, examined for a long time

For a quick, easy indoor escape on the Hudson, I definitely recommend going, and the kids will love it!



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