A family vacation to Iceland in Europe travel

I am thrilled to have on the blog today travel writer Ting Dalton, with the very popular U.K. family travel blog My Travel Monkey. Ting is a journalist by trade, and also writes the MTM blog, which covers her travels all over the world, including Europe, Asia, and South America, mostly with her family in tow. This past year she and her family took a trip to Iceland, and currently being as obsessed with Iceland as the next person, I’ve read and devoured all her articles (I don’t care if it’s so 2016…for me it’s still very much 2017!). It’s a place so stunning, and I would imagine an experience so different from what I know, that I hope to make it there some day soon. Below is a Q + A with Ting, full of tips and inspiration, and preceded by an overview of Ting’s articles by me.  View Post